jueves, 10 de mayo de 2018

Recalling Jolly Phonics Sounds

Sing along the different groups of Jolly Phonics sounds ...

Phonics Groups 1 and 2


Phonics Groups 3 and 4


Phonics Group 5                                   Phonics Group 6

Phonics Group 7

Direction and Cardinal points

Direction is the course or line which something or someone moves, lines or points. To follow a direction you use cardinal directions or cardinal points.
Cardinal direction is represented by the four points of the compass, North, South, east and West.

It is a handheld tool that will help you figure out in what direction you are going.

Compass rose
It is a feature on a map that tells people about what direction to go to find certain places.
A compass rose is usually found somewhere on the edge of a map. 
It shows the CARDINAL POINTS: North, South, East, West. 
On most paper maps, North points up, South points down, East points right and West points left.

See this video for more information

Using internet in a safety way

Hi kids,

It's important to consider safety when working online. Watch the following videos to remind you about the importance of using internet wisely and carefully:

Reflect on what could happen if you use internet without supervision.

5 internet safety tips.

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lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

Animals' Characteristics

2nd Unit of Inquiry

Our second unit of inquiry is: 

How the world works

Our central idea is: 

Animals are classified according to their characteristics and they all go through different changes.

And our lines of inquiry are:

  • Lifecycles show animals change.
  • Animals have different characteristics.
  • Animals are classified according to their characteristics.
What is your favourite animal?

What do you know about animals?

What are the differences between wild animals and domestic animals?

Where do animals live?

What do they eat?

What are their main features?

How do they reproduce?

How do they move?

We invite you to answer these questions, be inquirers and find out more information related to animals!! If you have more questions or interesting facts, share them with us!

Forms 2 teachers 

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

Place Value, Value and Expanded form

PLACE VALUE helps us to determine  the VALUE of numbers.

In the 3 digit number 928 the 9  is in the Hundreds place
                                      the 2 is in the tens place
                                        the 8  is in the units place

This video song can help you to understand!

Now, the VALUE for each digit in the number 369 (three hundred and sixty nine) is:
3 is in the Hundreds place, so its value is 300
6 is in the tens place, so its value is 60
9 is in the units place, so its value is 9

The expanded form of a 3 digit number can help you to understand 
457= 400+50+7
370= 300+70+0
201= 200+  0+1

Watch this video about Expanded Form